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Mike Norr and his employees are amazing people with a good culture in that business. They helped me put in a toilet, a sump pump and some bathroom sink plumbing. They’ve always been fair with the price and honest with the work. The downstairs bathroom was cheaper to put in than I thought even with breaking out some concrete. Also even when very busy they made extra time to help us when we were flooding. We hope Mike Norr and his crew stay in business for a very long time!

Nicole N.

They tackled a challenging project with enthusiasm and improved the system as originally plumbed. They were very efficient and added a personal touch to the work. They did a job in four hours that would have taken me days! Thanks Mike and Jess.

Jack S.

Our sewer ejection pump in the basement stopped working resulting in a stinky mess. We had tried working with our home warranty company, but they wouldn’t send anyone to fix our problem. I called Mike Norr Plumbing because they had been recommended to us by a friend. I’m so glad I did! They came within a couple of hours of us calling and were so kind and understanding of our predicament. They were professional, friendly, fast, and finished the work quickly! I’ll definitely use them for any future plumbing needs.

Becci W.

I called Mike Norr plumbing this morning about a water heater that needed replacing. They were very polite and professional on the phone. They came from about 25 miles away and had the water heater installed by 2:30. They also sent text messages letting me know they were on their way, and that the service was complete. That is awesome same day service! Thank you Mike Norr Plumbing!

Chris H.

Came to the rescue in an emergency and was very thorough and gave me an honest assessment and flexible payment methods. Very much appreciated. Landon was amazing. Very impressed with the response and detail to solving the issues. Recommend 100%

Jeromy S.

Water heater broke today. They responded within a couple hours and replaced the part. They covered the part under warranty and it all works great again. I would highly recommend Mike Norr Plumbing.


The guys from Mike Norr Plumbing were great! They were quick, thorough and answered all my questions. I will definitely be calling them again for any plumbing needs.

Lacey D.

I had actually gone with another contractor who blew me off. Mike Norr Plumbing came in and saved my butt! There were on time, efficient, professional and did and great job. I have no worries that my money went well spent. Thank you Zack and crew

Tibi B.

I recently used Mike Nor plumbing to fix the issues a different plumbing company created on work I needed done for a remodel.
Mike Nor is located in Tremonton, but they’re getting ready to open another office in Bountiful. The guy working that office is Courtney Rundell and he is fantastic. I’m a tough sell when it comes to trade work, my standards are high. I want above and beyond work and solid customer service. Mike Nor plumbing and Courtney delivered.
Courtney kept me in the loop every step of the way, he worked extremely fast and efficient, and asked me questions to set expectations for the work I was wanting done. Often making suggestions that set up our system for success long term, offering ideas I hadn’t thought about.

I highly recommend Courtney and Mike Nor. Great work and follow through. Will definitely use again.

William I.

Woke up to no hot water, went downstairs to check out hot water heater and it wasn’t good. Mike Norr plumbing was out within hours and had a new one installed so cleanly and neatly very quickly. Happy with timeliness and the work. Thank you! I’m in Howell, so the expediency meant a lot.

D. Matthees

Mike Norr plumbing is great they came right away to replace a soft water tank. They also replaced some corroded fittings he didn’t feel good about and showed them to us. They made sure everything was in good working condition and checked the lines for us. They answered all our questions and was very friendly and good natured. They were done in just a little over an hour and worked hard to get the job done never stopping. We appreciate there expertise and experience we most certainly would call upon them again if we need some plumbing. Thank you!

Barbara E.

Mike Norr plumbing is amazing!! As busy as they are, they got to my water main leak as quickly as possible and they didn’t quit until my leak was found. They had to pound a massive hole into my foundation inside my home and they did it as neat as possible with as little damage as possible. They really made sure to secure the mess and dust from getting into the rest of my home. They are very professional and very helpful. So grateful for their service. I Highly recommend!

Amanda M.

I called a different plumbing competitor to go check out a problem I was having on my water heater. They quoted me a price for the labor for install. No charge for the part since it was still under warranty. The price quoted from the competitor seemed a bit high. So, I felt like I should call Zack at Mike Norr Plumbing to get his opinion. I’ve worked with Zack before and completely trust him to give it to me straight. He told me he could go get the part tomorrow (just like the first plumbing company), and quoted me a price that was exactly HALF the cost of the first competitor. Needless to say, I called back the first guys ( who I use A LOT further south in Davis County), and said, “no thanks” on this one guys. I let them know that Mike Norr Plumbing was going to help me out on this one. Thanks Zack! This is how you build LOYAL customers who will TRUST you!

Walter S.

Look, I’ll just keep it real here! I called three or four other plumbers before I called Mike Norr plumbing. Two of them didn’t service Tremonton and the other two didn’t seem interested… One day I saw the “Mike Norr plumbing” van so I called and they picked it up immediately, the guy asked on the phone “do you want it looked at or want it fixed” I want it fixed! they were able to come quicker than I needed. I had them come on a day that I had off work about a week later than what they were able to get me in. So that was nice they had availability so quickly. They showed up did the repairs and left! I have an old house and I needed both outside faucets for my garden hoses replaced and the pipes that supply them. He quickly got rid of the galvanized steel pipes and replaced it with PEX pipe and replaced the faucets w/ drain vent plastic. He also replaced the hot-and-cold knobs for my washer while he was down there.

I didn’t mean for this review to turn into a novel, bottom line is all this took was a quick phone call they came out got it done quick, explained what he was going to do and what he did. Got to the point and got out! and did it correct and a fair price. Speaking of cost, when Mike was finished with the repairs he asked for my email to send over an invoice. we had never talked about cost and about a week later I received a text and email w/ attached invoice I literally was writing this review when my bill came and opening up my bill does not change this review whatsoever I feel like he did the the services at a fair price… Everyone in every industry marks up their parts folks!!
I feel like if you live in the area, try and keep your dollars local people! Support these local companies!! I will definitely be calling Mike Norr plumbing for my future plumbing needs!!


Came to work with an inch of standing water in the kitchen and front bar. I tried calling around a few places and they wanted to charge outrageous dispatch fees since we needed them before hours. Other businesses wouldn’t send me anyone until after 9. Texted these guys and they immediately answered and called me back. Twenty minutes later, two men came and worked in the kitchen, they cleaned up after themselves (he even mopped our floors for us) and were extremely respectful. I recommend them completely!

Rebecka B.

We called and explained the issue we were having with our water heater. They got right on it and it ended up being a part that was under warranty that needed replacing. The guys that came out were efficient and very nice. Definitely recommend!

LeeAnn L.

Great crew of guys!!! I had them install a sump pump system and the job looks great! After approval to do the job they were out the very next day to complete. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a great plumbing crew!

Kelleen H.

I had an odd task that needed to be done, and needed a water line repaired. Norr Plumbing did not judge me, or give me a hard time about the task. They were very professional, and took care of my issue. They did an excellent job and were fair about the price. I really do appreciate their help, and look forward to future business. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Greg H.

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